Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pawan Kalyan is a gone case!

Power star Pawan Kalyan, who was once considered as number one material has been running through rough phase in his career for over a decade's time. He failed to show his power at box office like Mahesh Babu or Jr. NTR (to some extent) did in these ten years and even the age is not on his side now. He is into forties and wasted his prime doing good for nothing films.

Pawan Kalyan's present lineup of films too doesn't raise any interest and none of them have that 'much awaited' feel associated to them. His current film with Vishnuvardhan is not even gaining the attention of Power star hardcore fans. Gabbar Singh is a remake of Dabangg which has nothing to rave about.

No star director is doing films with him and the star himself is not planning his career in a proper manner. As of now Pawan Kalyan is a gone case in terms of delivering a blockbuster. Only a miracle could help him do that with the lineup he has. 


Pushparaj said...

aah aah

priya said...
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Vamsi Chowdary said...

chiranjeevi vamsam waste

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